USMSPB Mobile App Help

The USMSPB Mobile Application is designed to allow on-the-go access to USMSPB Decisions, Case Reports, Press Releases, Studies, and Issues of Merit Newsletter RSS feeds.  These feeds originate from


OPENING an RSS feed item

SHARING an RSS feed item

LIKING an RSS feed item

COMMENTING on an RSS feed item


To view an RSS feed, click the related icon

image showing RSS feed icons  

Each document in a feed includes icons indicating whether or not other USMSPB Mobile App users have commented on it, whether they "liked" it, and whether it has been viewed previously.

images showing listing of RSS items with an item marked as favorite  

To view the options for a documents that you are interested in, just tap it.

image showing full title of RSS item   

At the top of the screen, opposite the Back button, you can OPEN the document by tapping the compass icon on the right.  Be aware that Studies take additional time to load.

image of RSS feed records detail screen, pen icon (open document)  

Depending on your device settings, the document will open either in your PDF viewer or your web browser.  Hyperlinks in the documents only work if your device is configured to open links in PDF documents.

image of opened RSS link  

The Safari button on the task bar opens the document in Safari.

image of RSS link item opened in Safari browser  

The benefits of opening a document in Safari include access to Safari's native document functions such as search and landscape mode.

image showing full title of RSS item 

The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows you the number of times it has been viewed by USMSPB Mobile App users, the number of "likes", the number of comments, and also a Share button.

To LIKE a document, click the heart button   image of LIKE button

To COMMENT on a document, click the comment button   image of COMMENT button

images showing the add comment screen  

NOTEYour comments are viewable by other USMSPB Mobile App users.

To SHARE a document in an RSS feed, tap it and then tap the Share button on the right side of the status bar.    image of SHARE button

image showing share options - email, facebook, twitter  

To select a Share option, tap it.  (To share via Twitter or Facebook, you must have a Twitter or Facebook account.)

image of facebook login  

To view all the activity by USMSPB Mobile App users, hold your finger on one of the RSS feeds at the bottom of the home screen and slide it upward, toward the top of the screen.  The Activity screen will appear.

image showing socialize screen  

The Activity screen allows you to view all USMSPB  Mobile App users' comments, "likes", and sharing via Twitter and Facebook.  Tap an item to view it, open it, "like" it, see others' comments and comment on it yourself, and share it.

The Activity screen also allows you to create a user profile or to use your Facebook profile.  (The default user profile is Anonymous).  If you allowed the USMSPB Mobile App to use your current location when you installed the app, a map icon will appear in the upper right corner so you can view your current location.

Tap the heart icon  image showing socialize favorites icon  at the bottom of the screen to see documents that have been LIKED.

image showing socialize favorites screen  

Tap the user   image showing socialize facebook icon   icon to view your user profile and your Recent Activity.  You can edit your profile to include a picture, your name, and a bio, or you can log in to Facebook and use your Facebook profile. 

image showing socialize Facebook login screen   

Known Issues as of August 2011

Screen Modes: The USMSPB Mobile App does not support landscape mode at this time.

Comments: You can comment on a document but sometimes cannot view that comment.

Facebook:  You can successfully post an item to facebook, but the USMSPB Mobile App may freeze.  The only solution is to re-install the USMSPB Mobile App.

We are working on these bugs.  We will broadcast an app message when they are resolved and when new versions of the software become available.  Please report additional bugs or comment on the USMSPB Mobile App through the MSPB website.