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Oral Arguments

You may download it here in MP3 format. (Right-click the link and save the target to your hard drive or click to play)

Oral Argument
Conyers v. Department of Defense and Northover v. Department of Defense,  MSPB Docket Nos. CH-0752-0925-I-1 & AT-0752-10-0184-I-1
September 21, 2010
Susan Tsui Grundman, Chairman
Anne M. Wagner, Vice Chairman
Mary M. Rose, Member

Order of Argument Presented
Andres Grajales, Esq. for appellants Conyers & Northover
Frank Yount, Esq., for Department of Defense in Conyers
Stacy Caldwell Turner, Esq., for Department of Defense in Northover
Tom Devine, Esq., for amicus Government Accountability Project
Julie Wilson, Esq., for amicus National Treasury Employees Union
Andres Grajales, Esq., rebuttal for appellants Conyers and Northover