The Merit System Principles: Keys to managing the federal workforce. This brief user-friendly guide provides and introduction to the Merit System Principles (MSPs). The booklet includes: highlights from the history of the federal workforce; questions and answers about the Merit System Principles; An overview of the Merit System Principles, including recommended actions to take or avoid as well as references for additional information. Image of report cover. Link to PDF file at address:

Adverse Actions: A Compilation of Articles. This report contains a series of articles, each of which address one aspect of implementing adverse personnel actions. Image of report cover. Link to PDF file at address:

The Merit System Princeiples: Guiding the Fair and Effective Management of the Federal Workforce. This report discusses federal employee opinions regarding the state of the Merit System Principles and evaluates agency edjucation on MSPs. It also provides a guide for improving understanding and practicing of the MSPs by employees at all levels. Image of report cover. Link to PDF file at address:

File an Appeal. Learn about MSPB and how to file an appeal. Image of keyboard and hand; image of MSPB logo and e-Appeal logo; image of judge and gavel. Link to html page titled How to File and Appeal.

MSPB Decisions. Browse or search MSPB precedenial or non-precedential decisions. Image of books, gavel and scales of justice. Link to html page titled Decisions.

Furlough Appeals. Image of US flag. Link to html furlough appeals page.

Studies. Review the MSPB's studies, newsletters and surveys here. Image of report covers. Link to Studies html page.

Contact MSPB. Find regional and field office jurisdictions and contact information. Image of US map. Link to Contacts html page.

FOIA Online. The MSPB and a number of parter agencies us the shared service FOIAOnline to recieve FOIA requests electronically. Click to acces the site. Image of file folder. Link to FOIAOnline

Agencies Plans and Reports, Annual reports, strategic plans, budgets and more. Image of charts and reports. Link to html Reports page

Merit System Principles. Image of report cover. Link to html page

Prohibited Personnel Practices. Image of man with folded arms. Link to html page