Issues of Merit Newsletter
Issues of Merit September 2019
Articles: Supporting employees who perform emotionally difficult work; rethinking performance appraisals; how leadership role affect work priorities; looking at excepted service hiring; locality pay.  
Issues of Merit Spring 2019
Articles: Combating sexual harassment; provide input to MSPB's research agenda; appeal success rates; occupational questionnaires; integrity testing; remedying performance; position descriptions.  
Issues of Merit February 2019
Articles: The power of feedback; direct-hire authority; employees' response to sexual harassment; workforce snapshot; improving hiring through assessment; the toll of masking emotions at work.  
Issues of Merit August 2018
Articles: A look back at what the CSRA was, the merit pay experience, poor performer reform, whistleblower protections, top occupations, hiring reform, and the SES.  
Issues of Merit Spring 2018
Articles: Shared understanding of sexual harassment; rethinking surveys; lessons from pay for performance; temporary & term appointments; emotional competence; improving probation practices.  
Issues of Merit Winter 2018
Articles: Barriers to Supervisory Probation; OPM Leadership Needed; Importance of Employee Engagement; GSA's Management Dashboards; High Performance Appraisals Don't Buy Happiness; Lack of MSPB Quorum  
Issues of Merit Newsletter Fall 2017
Articles: Sexual Harassment Trends; OMB Demonstrates Relevance of Merit Principles; Linking Job Fit; Following the "Follow the Rules Act;" New Ban the Box Regulations  
Issues of Merit Newsletter Spring 2017
Articles: Hiring More Important Than Ever; Onward Engagement; Gig Economy?; Emotional Exhaustion and Employees' Intent to Leave; Sexual Orientation Discrimination; NAVSEA and Merit System Education  
Issues of Merit Winter 2017
Articles in this issue: Transition Time at MSPB; Similar Misconduct and Penalties; Helpful Hints for Managing; Believing You Can Makes a Difference; DHS Hires Cyber Experts; Millennial Hiring  
Issues of Merit Fall 2016
Articles in this issue: Merit System Principles Education; Considerations for the Next President's Civil Service Reform Initiatives; Myths About Veterans' Preference; Avoiding Nepotism; Using Social M  
Issues of Merit Spring 2016
Issues of Merit Spring 2016 Articles in this issue: Shared HR Services; USAJOBS Is Not the Problem; What's Working in Agencies?; MSPB's 2015 Adjudication Activities; Supervisory Probation  
Issues of Merit Winter 2016
Articles in this Issue: Job Burnout; There Must be a Better Way to Make Federal HR Policy; MSPB's 2016 Merit Principles Survey; Federal Employee Retention; SES Derailment; SES Training & Development  
Issues of Merit Fall 2015
Articles: Effective PIPs; The Federal Hiring System is Out of Balance; 2016 Merit Principles Survey; Recognizing Employees; Contextual Performance; SES Vision vs. Practice  
Issues of Merit Spring 2015
Articles: Performance Discussions; Success Rates of Whistleblowers; Federal Advese Actions; Agency Branding; Probationary Periods; Succession Planning; and The Future of Classification  
Issues of Merit Winter 2015
Articles: Emotional Labor; Federal Employment Laws; MSPB Research Agenda Process; HR and PPPs; Managers and Hiring Process; Social Competencies  
Issues of Merit Fall 2014
Articles: Focus Surveys; Performance standards; Mentoring; Appointing authorities; PDs; Reasonable accommodations; MSPB 2013 Adjudication Activities  
Issues of Merit Spring 2014
Articles: Sexual Orientation; Looking for Guidance After the FPM; Supervisors and Favoritism; Agency's Whistleblowing Cultures; Key Competencies; Trait-based abilities  
Issues of Merit January 2014
Articles: Fair & Open Competition; New Policy and Evaluation Director at MSPB-James Read; Employee Engagement; Action Learning; Favoritism; and Clean Records Settlement Agreements  
Issues of Merit September 2013
Articles: Leaders' Exit Surveys, Prepare to Recruit /Retain the Next Generation, Employee/Supervisor Relationships, Succession Planning, and Avoiding Nepotism  
Issues of Merit June 2013
Articles: Informal Recognition; Employee Training; Cross Training; Consequences of Favoritism; Exit Surveys; and MSPB 2012 Adjudication Activities  
Issues of Merit February 2013
Articles: Employee Coaching - A Performance Improvement Tool; What Makes A "Best Place to Work"; Stay Interviews; Manager-HR Partnership; Workplace Violence & Turnover; and WBPA Changes Rules  
Issues of Merit September 2012
Articles: Employee engagement - job design/rewards; John Crum Looks Back to Look Forward; MSPB Welcomes Mark Robbins: Federal Domestic Violence Policy; Paying for Telework?; and Whistleblower Law.  
Issues of Merit May 2012
Articles: Workplace Violence, Hiring Reform, Non-selection Feedback, Training and Experience Assessment, Hiring People with Disbilities; MSPB Adjudication for FY2011  
Issues of Merit January 2012
Articles: Whistleblowing; Human Capital Planning; VEOA Hiring; Managing Teleworkers' Performance; Employee Survey Data; Planning for Retention; Preparing for Retirement  
Issues of Merit September 2011
Articles: Performance Awards, Strategic Hiring Decisions; Merit System Principles; Telework; OPM Training Evaluation Guide; Conduct-based Actions; and Prohibited Personnel Practices  
Issues of Merit Newsletter July 2011
Articles: Understanding Favoritism; Engaging Federal Employees; Affinity Groups; Religion in the Workplace; USERRA and the Cat's Paw; and National Park Service's Recruitment Strategies  
Issues of Merit Newsletter April 2011
Articles: Telework, Applicant assessment, Research Agenda, College grads, Women Striving for Advancement, MSPB's Annual Report  
Issues of Merit Newsletter February 2011
Articles: Employee Engagement, Hiring the Disabled, Education, Transparency, Twitter at NIH, Managers Involvement in Hiring  
Issues of Merit Newsletter September 2010
Articles: New Importance of Job Announcements; Hiring Reform Next Steps; IOM Customer Satisfaction Survey Results; Mentoring and Career Development; Family Responsibilities & Career Advancement; PPPs  
Issues of Merit Newsletter August 2010
Articles: Training Competencies, Telework and Performance, Hiring Reform Help, Resumes in the Applicant Process, Gender Parity in the Fed Workforce, Prohibited Personnel Practices  
Issues of Merit Newsletter April 2010
Articles: Supervisory Job Announcements, Building Strong Supervisors; Strategically Managing the Workforce; New Training & Developing Rutes; Improving Outcomes Through Fairness; Partnering to Engage  
Issues of Merit Newsletter February 2010
Articles: Fair & Equitable Treatment, FCIP, Prohibited Personnel Practices, USDA's Learning Management System, Job Simulations, Federal Supervisors, Unproctored Internet Testing  
Issues of Merit Newsletter September 2009
Not All Training is Created Equal, KSAs: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water?, Sexual Orientation, Workplace Treatment, and the Limitations of Survey Data, Using Job Announcement Templates  
Issues of Merit Newsletter - July 2009
Career Advice from Federal Employees, Moving Beyond Performance Standards, Employee Engagement and Training, Team Leader's Difficult Position, Hiring Mgr and the Unknown Quantity, Feedback Survey  
Issues of Merit April 2009
Articles: Embracing Social Networks to Recruit; Hiring Flexibilities, HR & Employee Engagement; 10-Min Training Evaluation; Assessing Structured Inteviews; DoD & Assistive Technology; Eliminating TIG  
Issues of Merit Newsletter February 2009
Articles: Employee Engagement: Missing Link to Fed Results?, Pay Performance: Where Do We Go From Here?, Alternative Discipline: What You Need to Know, Managing Your Hiring Process, The Exam Coach:   
Issues of Merit Newsletter September 2008
Articles: Director’s Perspective Page 2, 25 Years of Merit Principles Surveys Page 3, The Use of Federal Hiring Authorities Page 4, Realistic Job Previews Page 5, The Intergoverment Personnel Act Prog  
Issues of Merit July 2008
Articles: Employee Engagement, Improving Federal Hiring, Trends in Federal Hiring Perceptions re Fair Treatment, Use of Direct-Hire Authority; NASA's Employee Orientation; Accomplishment Records; Ref  
Issues of Merit May 2008
Articles: Job Security, Merit System Principles, Employee Engagement, Schedule A Hiring Authority, Performance Appraisal Systems; Assessment Tools, Outstanding Scholar and Bilingual/Bicultural Hiring  
Issues of Merit January 2008
Selective Factors, Chaning the Hiring Process, MPS 2007, Managing Conflicts-Job Satisfaction/Retention, Applicant Assessment Questions, 360 Degree Feedback   
Issues of Merit September 2007
Articles: Entry Level New Hires; Director's Farewell; Upper Level New Hires; Career Advancement; Retirees; Coaching; Referral Programs  
Issues of Merit July 2007
Director's Perspective:Future of the Fed Workforce p2, New Questions on the 2007 Merit Principles Survey p3, Tools of the Trade: Writing Good Assessment Questions p4, Sizing up the Competition for   
Issues of Merit April 2007
Articles: Agency Endorsements-p. 1; Dir.'s Column "Help Wanted for Fed Assessment Practices" - p. 2; Dual Compensation Waivers - p. 4; Supervisions 101: Individual Updates - p. 5; Sec Business Corner-  
Issues of Merit January 2007
Dir Perspective: Favoritism in the Fedl Workplace P2; Comparing the Fed & Civ Labor Forces P3; Plan for Training Needs P4; Secret Service Scores Near the Top P5; Probationary Period P5; Minority Hirin  
Issues of Merit September 2006
Performance Appraisal System, FCIP, College Degrees, Category Rating, Whistleblower and Freedom of Speech, Evaluate Hiring Process  
Issues of Merit July 2006
Government Technical Experts, Practice of Merit Keynote Address, Reference Checks, Business Case for Workplace Diversity, Reinterpreting the Probationary Period, Reforming Federal Hiring  
Issues of Merit May 2006
Supervisors More Satisfied and Better Informed, Veterans Hiring, Understanding Due Process, Japan's Take on Gender Equality, COR Training and Contract Outcomes, Using USAJobs to Proactively Recruit  
Issues of Merit January 2006
The Trial Period, Reference Checks, Merit Principle Survey 2005, Vacancy Announcements, Targeted Recruitment  
Issues of Merit September 2005
Job Satisfaction, MPS 2005, our Colleagues up North, Generations Collide, College Recruiting, Contracting Officer Representatives, DOD Staffing Flexibilities  
Issues of Merit June 2005
Target on Training, What is Whistleblowing?, Culture and Performance, DHS and DoD Changes, MSPB Appeal Numbers, Technology in Hiring, Telework Tools, Leave Flexibilities, SCEP, FedScope Tools  
Issues of Merit April 2005
Pay for Performance to Support Merit, Myths: Career Executive & Political Appointees, Replace Warm Bodies with Working Bodies, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Background Investigations, References  
Issues of Merit January 2005
Improving Organizational Performance, HHS and the Probationary Period, Pay for Performance, Flexibilities Act, Category Rankings, Ireland's Civil Service, Merit Principles Survey  
Issues of Merit September 2004
MSPB E-Appeal and E-Filing Application, Performance Evaluation for Employees and Supervisors, Civil Rights Act Anniversary, Hiring Veterans, DOL's MBA Fellows Program  
Issues of Merit June 2004
Finding People Fast, Using the Probation Period to Weed Out Selection Errors, Reference Checks, Incentive and Award Flexibilities, Why our Civil Service System Matters, Focus on the Facts  
Issues of Merit Summer 2004
Rule of Three, Health of the Civil Service, Sexual Harassment, Poor Performers, OPM's Acheivents, Challenges, Vacancy Announcements, From Intern to Fellow, Hating Discrimination, Whistleblowing Fears  
Issues of Merit February 2004
International Insight, Use On-Target KSAs to Hire the Best, Focus on the Facts, Title 5 Staffing Flexibilities, Fed Career Intern Program Update, PMI Expands  
Issues of Merit September 2003
CSRA Silver Anniversary, MSPB Appeals: A Closer Look at the Numbers, Using Competencies Competently, Making the Most of Title 5: Pay Flexibilities, Merit, the Federal Workforce, Organizational Culture  
Issues of Merit July 2003
Writing Better Vacancy Announcements, HR as Strategic Partner, Radical Reform in the States, Firing Poor Performers  
Issues of Merit February 2003
Pay Banding, Alternative to Merit Promotion is Tested, Firing Poor Performers, A Look into the Crystal Ball?  
Issues of Merity September 2002
Agencies Fail to Use Obvious Recruitment Tools, Fewer Hoops, Higher Hurdles, The Long Reach of the Lucvano Consent Decree, Are New College Grads Getting into Government?, FEBs and MSPB - Cooperation  
Issues of Merit April 2002
The Popularity of ADR, Study of Automated Staffing Underway, Nonprofit Takes Aim at Internal Hiring, Tools of the Trade: Job Analysis  
Issues of Merit January 2002
Minority-Nonminority Attitudes, Where you Work Makes a Difference, Federal Vacany Announcements, Inspring Ads, Job Analysis  
Issues of Merit November 2001
Categorical Grouping Treats Veterans Better than Rule of Three, A Cracked Ceiling, Study of Non-Procurement Professionals Underway  
Issues of Merit August 2001
Fighting the War for Talent, Who GEts Paid to Stay?, Are Employees Getting the Word about GPRA?, The Power of Positive Feedback  
Issues of Merit May 2001
Probationary Period as Assessment Tool, Why Do Retirement-Eligibles Leave When They Do?, How Much Does the Federal Merit Promotion Process Cost?  
Issues of Merit February 2001
Protecting Merit Prnciples, Employee Selection Methods, Handling Poor Performers, Public Service Values, the Rule of Three, Minority-Nonminority Perception Gap  
Issues of Merit December 2000
Feds Rate Work Quality, Presidential Intern Demographics, Telecommuting and Employee Retention, Professionalizing the Personnel Function, Retaliation Rate Remains Unchanged  
Issues of Merit September 2000
Most Feds Not Active in Politics, Federal HR organizations Not Fulfilling Expected Roles, Survey Looks at Family-Friendly Programs, Schools' PMI Nominating Processes Vary Widely  
Issues of Merit June 2000
What Counts in Promotion Decisions, Executive Mobility: Fact or Fiction, Lessons on Goal Setting in HR Organizations, When Adverse Actions are Appealed, Worker Shortage Spurs Assessment Concerns  
Issues of Merit April 2000
Merit Based Hiring: Still Lagging, Employee Advancement: Hiring Methods Make a Difference, HR Directors View Job Web Site as Mixed Blessing  
Issues of Merit December 1999
Hispanic Hiring Success, Preventing Retirement Woes, Agency Views on Job Candidates Are Mixed, Intern Hopefuls Undergo Rigorous Screening, You May Be One of the Lucky Ones  
Issues of Merit October 1999
Chance for Feds to Speak Out, Court Makes Whistleblower Retaliation Harder to Prove, the Positive Side of Turmoil, Employee Turnover  
Issues of Merit June 1999
HRM Panel Concerns: Consolidation, Competence, the Rule of Three, Despite Downsizing Hiring Continues, Wanted: Better Ways to Collect HR Data, Positive Customer Survey Results  
Issues of Merit April 1999
DEUs Work in Different Ways, NPR Survey Reesults Released, Career Transition Programs Get Mixed Reactions  
Issues of Merit October 1998
MSPB to Evaluate ADR Program, Study Examines Programs for Displaced Feds, OPE Joins in Reinvention Survey, HR Connections, Public Service Values  
Issues of Merit July 1998
HR Oversight: A Work in Progress, How Do Supervisors Decide Who Gets Awards, Using What We've Got, New Technology is a Hit, HRM Connections  
Issues of Merit May 1998
U.S. and Canada Tackle Similar HR Issues, Panel Surveys Focus on Partnership, SF171: Not Gone Not Forgotten, Filling Jobs: What do Supervisors Look For?  
Issues of Merit February 1998
Motivation for Public Service, Letting Managers Manage, MSPB Adjudicators Close Out Busy Year, GPRA Conundrum: HR Decisions and Strategic Planning, Hatch Act Facts  
Issues of Merit November 1997
Federal Managers and Public Policy Challenges, Due Process: An Evolving Right for Federal Workers  
Issues of Merit August 1997
Employees Criticize Agencies' Handling of Performance Problems, Supervisors Give Third-Party Agencies Mixed Reviews, Facts about Hispanics in the Federal Workforce  
Issues of Merit April 1997
Standing Panels Provide Views from the Front Line, World without FPM  
Issues of Merit December 1996
Hispanic Representation in the Civil Service, Before You Do Your Own Survey, The Evolving Notion of a Representative Workforce  
Issues of Merit August 1996
Career Expectations May need Adjustment, Talking about Sex in the Workplace, Communicating with Problem Employees, States Can Teach Us About Customer Service  
Issues of Merit April 1996
Minority-Nonminority Perception Gap, Re-examining the Rule of Three, Federal Employee Surveys Look at Merit System Health