MSPB Press Releases
2021 MPS Press Release
MSPB Releases FY 2020 Annual Report
MSPB Maximizing Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
Extension of Mandatory Telework
MSPB's Response to COVID-19
MSPB Releases FY 2019 Annual Report
MSPB Seeks Ideas for Merit Systems Studies
MSPB Releases the FY 2018-2020 APR-APP
MSPB Releases FY 2018 Annual Report
Status of the MSPB During a Partial Government Shutdown
MSPB Announces Appointment of New General Counsel
MSPB Releases the FY 2017-2019 APR-APP and the FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan
Status of the MSPB During a Government Shutdown
MSPB Releases FY 2017 Annual Report
MSPB Releases the FY 2016-2018 APR-APP
MSPB Provides Congress Information on Federal Supervisors Views on Ability to Fire Employees
Mark A. Robbins Designated Vice Chairman of MSPB
MSPB Releases FY 2016 Annual Report
MSPB Issues a Brief Guide to the Merit Systems Principles
Chairman Grundmann Departing MSPB in January 2017 | Impact on Board Operations
MSPB Issues Adverse Actions: A Compilation of Articles
MSPB Issues Recommendations for Improving Adherence to MSPs
MSPB Announces The 2016 Merit Principles Survey (MPS)
MSPB Report Explains How Nepotism Can Be Prevented
MSPB Releases FY 2015 Annual Report
MSPB Releases its APR-APP for FY 2015-2017 and its Strategic Plan updated for FY 2016-2018
MSPB Recommends Better Management of Senior Executive Training and Development
Agencies Release Guide on LGBT Discrimination Protections for Federal Workers
FY 2014 Annual Report Press Release Final 29 May 2015
MSPB's Newest Report Explains Due Process in Federal Civil Service Employment
MSPB Finalizes Research Agenda for 2015 - 2018
MSPB APR-APP for FY 2014-2016 Press Release Final 2 Feb 2015)
New MSPB Report Examines Fair and Open Competition
MSPB's Newest Report Explains Veterans' Hiring Redress Processes
MSPB to Consider Research Agenda at Open Meeting on September 16, 2014
MSPB Report Explains Veterans' Hiring Laws
FY 2013 Annual Report Press Release Final 30 May 2014
New MSPB Report Examines Sexual Orientation and the Federal Workplace
MSPB Seeks Ideas for Merit Systems Studies
MSPB Releases its Strategic Plan for FY 2014-2018, Performance Report and Plan for FY 2013 - 2015
MSPB Report Discusses Issues and Opportunities in Assessing the Training and Experience of Job Applicants
MSPB Announces New Senior Executive Appointments
MSPB Recommends Addressing Employee Perceptions of Favoritism and Ensuring Merit-based Decisions
MSPB Report Explains Complexities of Clean Record Agreements
MSPB Announces New Senior Executive Appointments
Shutdown Press Release September 30, 2013
MSPB Invites Comments on its New Strategic Plan for FY 2014–FY 2018
MSPB Appeal Form Revised and e-Appeal Online Updated
MSPB Releases Its FY 2012 Annual Performance Report and FY 2013 (Final) - FY 2014 (Proposed) Annual Performance Plan
MSPB Releases FY 2012 Annual Report
MSPB Finds Need To Improve Stewardship of the Federal Workforce
MSPB Announces New Senior Executive Appointments
MSPB Finds Opportunities to Better Motivate Employees
MSPB's Revised Adjudicatory Regulations Effective Today
MSPB's New York Field Office Remains Closed and MSPB Allows Leniency in Meeting Filing Deadlines
MSPB Revises Its Adjudicatory Regulations
New MSPB Report Examines Violence in the Federal Workplace
MSPB Allows Leniency in Meeting Filing Deadlines
MSPB Congratulates Mark A. Robbins, New Member of the Board
MSPB Revising its Adjudicatory Regulations
FY2011 Annual Report Press Release
MSPB Releases Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2016
MSPB to Conduct Oral Argument in Latham et al. on December 13, 2011
MSPB Reports Progress for Whistleblowers, but More Can be Done
Response to Washington Post "Federal Diary" Articles
MSPB Provides Online Submission & Tracking of FOIA Requests
MSPB Begins Posting Nonprecedential Decisions on its Website
MSPB Releases Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones
MSPB Explains the Meaning and Consequences of Prohibited Personnel Practices
MSPB Hosts Federal Sector EEO Pracititioners
MSPB Releases New Report: "Women in the Federal Government: Ambitions and Achievements"
MSPB Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Federally Employed Women
Status of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board During a Government Shutdown
MSPB Releases New Report - "Making the Right Connections: Targeting the Best Competencies for Training"
MSPB Releases FY 2010 Annual Report
MSPB Launches The "Merit System Principle of the Month"
MSPB Report Identifies Challenges for Whistleblowers Seeking Protection from Retaliation
MSPB Releases the FY 2010 Performance and Accountability Report
US Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) on Twitter
MSPB CONDUCTS FIRST ORAL ARGUMENT IN 27 YEARS Rhonda K. Conyers v. DoD and Devon H. Northover v. DoD
MSPB Hosts Federal Management Advocacy Groups
MSPB Welcomes Dennis Walsh, New Chairman of the Special Panel on Appeals
MSPB Hosts Good Government Advocacy Groups
MSPB Report Examines Effectiveness of First Level Supervisors July 21 2010
MSPB Releases Report on Prohibited Personnel Practices
MSPB Senior Staff to Speak at Asian American Government Executives Network
MSPB Announces an Extension of Time for Parties to File Amicus Briefs
MSPB Holds Meetings with Federal Agency and Appellant Representatives
MSPB Seeks Ideas for Federal Workforce Management Issues on Research Agenda
MSPB Announces the 2010 Merit Principles Survey
MSPB Presentation to Federal Asian Pacific American Council _FAPAC_
MSPB Asks for Comments on its Open Government Plan
MSPB Presents at Office of Personnel Management Forum
MSPB Hosts Meeting with Federal Employee Unions
MSPB Redesigns its Website
The MSPB Allows Leniency In Meeting Filing Deadlines
75 FR 6728 The MSPB is Providing Notice of Opportunity to File Amicus Briefs in Conyers and Northover
Fair and Equitable Treatment Report Press Release
MSPB Announces Chief of Staff and General Counsel Appointments
MSPB Report As Supervisors Retire
MSPB Welcomes New Board Members
Chairman McPhie Accomplishments
Employee Assessment and Selection 10 29 09
Poor Performers need to be Addressed through Performance Management
MSPB Hosts Delegation from Merit System Protection Commission of Thailand
Press Release - The Power of Federal Employee Engagement
MSPB First Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Celebration
Chairman McPhie Moderator at FCBA Conference
Mediation Appeals Project June 2009
Chairman McPhie MSPB 2009 Honor Awards
MSPB Annual Report for FY 2008
MSPB 30th Anniversary
Press Release Merit Principles Survey
MSPB Merit Principles Survey December 16, 2008
MSPB Reort Finds that Greater Employee Engagement is Related to Better Agency Outcomes
MSPB Releases FY 2008 Performance Accountability Report
MSPB Recommends that Agencies Provide More Information and Flexibility to Supervisors on Alternative Discipline October 14, 200
MSPB and TSA announce Enhanced Whistleblower Protection for Security Officers 7 31 2008
Federal Appointment Authorities Cutting through the Confusion 7 24 2008
In Search of Highly Skilled Workers 3 25 2008
MSPB and TSA announce Enhanced Whistleblower Protection for Security Officers 2 27 2008
Attracting the Next Generation, A Look at new hires
PAR 2007 Press Release
ANNOUNCEMENT -- Western Regional Office, Change of Address and Telephone Numbers
MSPB Redesigns website
Merit Principles Survey 2005 Press Release
MSPB Report: The Practice of Merit: A Symposium
MSPB Chairman McPhie Meets With Thai Civil Service Commission
MSPB Report on Probationers' Appeal Rights After Van Wersch and McCormick
MSPB Releases Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2006
Chairman McPhie of the MSPB Makes Two SES Appointments
Chairman McPhie Transfer the Administration of the Board's Mediation Appeals Program to Headquarters
MSPB Report Stresses the Need to Focus on Quality when Reforming the Federal Hiring Process
MSPB Participates in US - Ukraine Foundation's Program for Management Modernization
MSPB Briefs Visitors from Taiwan, Republic of China, on Personnel Systems
MSPB Report Links Management of Contracting Officers to Improvements in Contract Deliverables
MSPB Report Provides Criteria for Success When Designing an Effective Pay for Performance Compensation System
MSPB Awarded Certificate for Completion of Whistleblower Education Program
MSPB Report Reviews the Effective Use of Reference Checking to Identify the Best Employees in Hiring
Press Release on FY 2005 Performance and Accountability Report
MSPB Report on Building a High-Quality Workforce: The Federal Career Intern Program
MSPB Report -- An Assessment of Agencies' Use of the Probationary Period
MSPB Enployees in National Capital Area Win CFC President's Award
Chairman McPhie Announces MSPB's Participation in New Department of Homeland Security Personnel System
Senate Confirms Neail McPhie, Chairman, and Barbara Sapin Member
MSPB Report Finds Lessons to be Learned in Federal Recruitment
Performance and Accountability Report FY 2004
MSPB Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Availability of Nation wide Mediation Services
Special Study Finding Talent through Technology
MSPB Announces Enhanced Electronic Filing
MSPB Finalizes its Regional Restructing Plan
Neil A.G. McPhie Named Acting Chairman of MSPB
MSPB Publishes FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
MSPB Publishes Results of Merit Principles Survey 2000
MSPB Announces E-Appeal and E-Filing
MSPB Issues Annual Report for FY 2002
Chairman Marshall Announces Two Senior Executive Appointments
President Bush Appoints Neil A.G. McPhis to MSPB
MSPB Announces Reorganization of its Website
MSPB Reports on Use of Structured Interviews to Axxess Candidates
MSPB Report Calls for Better Candidate Assessment and More Effective Use of Probationary Period
Susanne T. Marshall Named Acting Chairman of MSPB
MSPB Give Mixed Review of Federal Merit Promotion Process
MSPB Issues 20 Year Retrospective on OPM
MSPB Post Precedential Decisions on its Website
MSPB Announces Addition of List Servers to Website
New Address Announced for Denver Field Office
New MSPB Video Provides Guide to the Appeals Process
MSPB Announces Procedures for Cases Affected by September 11th Attacks
Presidential Intern Program Can Help Agencies Cope with Loss of Leaders
MSPB Provides Fill-in Petition for Appeal and Petition for Review Forms on its Website
MSPB Chairman Testifites on Whistleblower Bill
MSPB Posts Compliance Checklists on Website to Promote Compliance with Board Decisions
MSPB Adds NFC Compliance Checklist to its Website
MSPB to Use NLRB Administrative Law Judges
MSPB Employees win CFC Award
Barbara J. Sapin Named as Vice Chairman of MSPB
President Clinton Names Beth Slavet As Chairman of MSPB
MSPB Amends Rules to Aid Whistleblowers
MSPB Releases Evaluation of Pilot Programs
MSPB initiative with USPS Closes Old Cases
MSPB Relocates Washington Regional Office
Susan Webman Appointed Director Office of Appeals Counsel
MSPB Headquarters Relocation
Program Focuses Resources on Complex & Precedential cases
MSPB Employees win Two CFC awards
President Clinton Nominates Beth Slavet as Chairman
Chairman Erdreich Supports Innovative ADR Program
MSPB Reviews Accomplishments as Chairman
MSPB Cuts Age of Pending Cases