Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Notice Regarding Returned Overnight Deliveries or U.S. Mail and Unreceived Faxes (Updated 4/29/2020)

  • If you submitted a new appeal or pleading to MSPB and it was returned to you by the delivery service, you must save the submission, including its original envelope showing the postmark date or date of delivery to the commercial delivery service, and now return them both in a new envelope to the office with which you originally filed it. If you submitted a fax on or after March 13, 2020 that was not received by MSPB, you must resubmit the fax at this time to the office where you filed it. Your resubmission must show the failure of any attempted transmission. You will be contacted by MSPB after we have received your resubmission.

Notice Regarding U.S. Mail (Updated 5/12/2020)

  • Because there will be delays in receipt of paper submissions and issuance of paper orders, notices, and decisions during this period, we strongly encourage the use of e-Appeal Online for both new and pending cases, and by all parties in order to avoid such delays.