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Pro Bono Representation

Pro Bono Representation before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Are you a pro se (unrepresented) appellant interested in being represented in your appeal before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit?

If so, please go to the Federal Circuit Bar Association's (FCBA) Pro Bono Program webpage.

Does MSPB endorse individuals and organizations or guarantee they will represent you?

The MSPB neither endorses the services provided by any attorney nor warrants that any attorney will accept representation in a given case. It will be the decision of the individual appellant to contact the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA) about the possibility of pro bono representation, and it will be the decision of any attorney an appellant is referred to whether they will provide pro bono representation.

Is training available for attorneys interested in pro bono representation of appellants?

There's a training video posted on our website.

I'm an attorney interested in providing pro bono representation to pro se appellants in MSPB cases before the Federal Circuit. How do I get involved?

Interested law firms and individual attorneys should contact FCBA.