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Significant Cases

Interlocutory Appeal in the Matter of:
Barbara R. King v. Department of the Air Force, MSPB Docket Number DA-0752-09-0604-P-1

Federal Register Notices

78 FR 17233 Notice to file Amicus briefs in King v. Air Force (3/20/2013)

Relevant Documents

Agency Response to Amicus Briefs (5/3/2013)
Appellant Response to Amicus Briefs (5/1/2013)
Amicus Brief of Government Accountability Project and (4/12/2013)
Amicus Brief of Jacques A. Durr, M.D (4/12/2013)
Amicus Brief of Thomas F. Day (4/12/2013)
Amicus Brief of the Department of Homeland Security (4/12/2013)
Amicus Brief of the National Whistleblower Center and Dr. Ram Chaturvedi (4/12/2013)
Amicus Brief of the Department of Veterans Affairs (4/11/2013)
Amicus Brief of MSPB Watch (4/10/2013)
Amicus Brief of Thomas C. Daniels (3/25/2013)
Order and Certification of Interlocutory Appeal (3/6/2013)