Welcome to the MSPB

MSPB is seeking input for its new strategic plan - please provide your views. Our Plans and Reports page has more information about our process.

President Biden has nominated Cathy Harris as Chair
and Raymond Limon as Vice Chair of the MSPB

*** Notice Regarding U.S. Mail ***
Because there will be delays in receipt of paper submissions
and issuance of paper orders, notices, and decisions during this period, we strongly
encourage the use of e-Appeal Online for both new and pending cases,
and by all parties in order to avoid such delays.
Note: If you filed an appeal or a pleading in the interim and it
was returned to you please read instructions here.

Status of MSPB Operations & COVID-19

New FAQ on Impact of Lack of Board Members

Updated Information for Appellants Seeking Judicial Review of
Whistleblower Claims
(updated July 19, 2018)