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MSPB e-Appeal Information Hub

Given the potential for a lapse in appropriations for MSPB after September 30, we are postponing the scheduled go-live of our new e-Appeal system from October 2 to October 16, 2023. If a shutdown occurs, we will revise the go-live date depending on the length of the shutdown. Additional messaging will be forthcoming regarding an extension of deadlines resulting from the postponement of the go-live date and/or resulting from the shutdown. We regret the delay and inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience.
Due to an unscheduled outage of the current e-Appeal Online system on 9/8/23, all filing and processing deadlines that fell on 9/8/23, are now extended to 10/10/23. Please see the related press release for more details.
From 9/9-10/1/23, MSPB will suspend processing of all cases, and users will not be able to file new appeals or pleadings using the current e-Appeal Online system. All filing and processing deadlines that fall from 9/9-10/6/23 will be extended by 28 calendar days. Please see our press release for more details.

On October 16, 2023, MSPB will launch a new e-Appeal system. The extensive capabilities of the current e-Appeal Online system that allow appellants, their representatives, and agencies to electronically file an appeal and pleadings and view case records will still be available in this new, modernized system. However, in the new e-Appeal, you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to manage all cases and case materials in one place.

Visit this page regularly for the latest news and information about the new e-Appeal.